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We, Aryan EcoGreens Pvt. Ltd. (pollution mitigator Consultants) are known for commercially viable & Environmentally feasible solutions.
Our services include all Environmental legal work from state & Central statutory authority like SPCB, SEAC, CPCB, MoEF&CC, CGWA or from any other applicable statutory authority.
Aryan EcoGreens Pvt. Ltd. is NABET accredited EIA consultant in category A, also recognized as an Environment auditor by Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) to conduct Audits in Schedule || Categorized Industries.
Our NABL Accredited Testing laboratory has given the best treatment methodology for the smooth & efficient functioning of Wastewater Treatment Plant to many industries. Moreover, we support industries by doing regular Monitoring & Analysis of Air, water & sludge to verify the efficiency of the Environment Management System (EMS) with respect to pollution load.
With wide experience & information, We always look forward to providing an efficient, adequate & cost-effective solution to any Environment issues.